Thomas Hofer

Managing Director / Senior Railway Expert

Electrical engineering was always on the track throughout his professional life. Among other things, Thomas Hofer gained experience in drawing electrical schematics, design of electrical cabinets, product testing, as a system engineer and as a team leader. He keeps track of things in every situation and always sees the big picture. In recent years, he has focused on the increasingly complex authorisation process, and in particular on the risk management process via the Common Safety Method (CSM) and the area of functional safety. He is the first contact person for these fields, a certified "Functional Safety Engineer" and Managing Director

Lorenz Kochan

Senior railway expert / Project management

Lorenz Kochan has successfully managed numerous complex projects across different countries, due to his understanding of diverse cultures and interface know-how. He acquired the necessary skills from a variety of roles, such as a manufacturing engineer, project engineer and project manager in large-scale projects. In recent years, he has increasingly focused on project management, which is his core area at PJ Motion GmbH. He grew up in the world of trains in the truest sense of the word: his father and grandparents were professionally anchored in railroading.

Markus Fankhauser

Senior railway expert / Authorisation project planning

Markus Fankhauser immersed himself in engineering for many years before delving into the subject of authorization. His experience in design, integration and commissioning of a wide range of vehicle systems gives him an overall view that is particularly important in vehicle authorisation. However, he got on the train much earlier, namely with the first toy train as Christimas gift. His focus is on requirements capture and verification in the area of TSI (NoBo) and national regulations (DeBo).

Joachim Wagner

Senior railway expert / Sales

Right after his technical school education, he entered the world of locomotives rail vehicles. His treasure trove of experience ranges from development and design of rail vehicles to project management and corporate responsibility. Joachim Wagner is a "Certified Senior Project Manager IPMA Level B®" and his areas of responsibility are sales and corporate development. What is important here? The course for successful project realisation is set as early as the proposal phase, when the scope of delivery is determined including the timeline, expenditure, resources and the technical concept.

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PJ Motion at a glance

The experts of PJ Motion GmbH offer a comprehensive authorisation management for vehicle and vehicle types , as a full-service package, which includes all steps from requirement identification and verification management to official submission and issuing of the vehicle and vehicle type authorisation.

  • Project management
  • Authorisation management
  • Requirement– and verification management (CSM / EN 50126)
  • Quality control of certification in preparation of conformity evaluation
  • Common safety methods – risk assessment (CSM RA)
  • Safety analysis
  • RAM analysis
  • LCC analysis

PJ Motion GmbH offers – together with specialised partner companies – a comprehensive full-service package for the authorisation of track-bound vehicles. This includes vehicle and vehicle type authorisation according to the 4th railway package or according to TSI and country-specific, national regulations such as Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands or Norway. In addition, PJ Motions deals with operating licences for Switzerland and national procedures for track-laying machines.

In this context, PJ Motion GmbH cooperates with PJ Messtechnik GmbH as an accredited testing laboratory and with Railway Competence and Certification (RCC) as a specialist for conformity assessments, product certifications and independent safety assessments. Depending on the project and the country, additional inspection bodies are consulted.

PJ Messtechnik GmbH is an accredited testing institute for rail vehicles according to ISO/IEC 17025 in the fields of vehicle dynamics, fatigue strength, brakes, acoustics and aerodynamics.
Railway Competence und Certification GmbH (RCC) is accredited on the basis of EU regulations and is notified Europe-widely as:

  • Notified Body Interoperability NB 2697
  • Independent Assessment Body AT/35/0116/0400
  • ECM Certification Body EIN: AT/30/0421/0001