Scope of services

Authorisation management according to the 4th railway package for new and refurbishment projects: Project management, requirements and verification management (V-model), verification of evidence documentation before achieving conformity assessment, CSM, validation and verification management with technical inspectors, testing institutes, ERA / NSA / AsBo / DeBo / NoBo / ISA, application / ERATV registration and ERADIS management, coordination of pre-engagements (preparatory dossiers) and application for vehicle and vehicle type authorisation via the “One-Stop-Shop” (OSS) of the European Railway Agency.

Feasibility studies: Significance analyses as well as feasibility studies on the technical and legal aspects in advance of planned structural changes to existing track-bound vehicles.

Project management for bid and tender projects: Preparation and review of requirements as well as preparation of technical tender documents, concept development, technical due diligence of suppliers from pre-qualification, tender phase, BAFO, LAFO to commissioning; stakeholder management, procurement office, legal advisory.

Technical project management for new and modification projects:
Project planning and controlling, change management, quality management in the project (design reviews, reviewing technical documentation and the concept, production support and controlling, carrying out vehicle handovers and authorisation).

Asset management: Technical due diligence & feasibility studies for new and refurbishment projects, availability and reliability optimisation, warranty and FRACAS management for new vehicles, refurbished fleets or in-operation fleets, utilisation studies and market value analyses.

Your benefit

Advantages provided by PJ Motion GmbH

In the railway sector and particularly for authorisation issues, two factors are crucial: expertise and reliability. The founding date of PJ Motion GmbH is young indeed, but due to the many years experience of our specialists, customers benefit from many advantages:

Concentrated know-how

The experts incorporate around 80 years of know-how in special fields. All four have learned from the bottom up, worked in different structures and continuously expanded their areas of responsibility. Which are these? To name just a few: Design, service, project development and project management, production, circuit systems, electric cabinet design and construction, team leadership in design, commissioning and vehicle testing and authorisation of rail vehicles. The result: a wealth of experience of several decades reunited into a 4-man team.

Many perspectives

Due to the different training, career paths and focuses, each project is viewed from many angles. One has an eye for detail, another sees the big picture. One has successfully completed highly critical projects abroad, another is very familiar with complex authorisation procedures. One thing flows into the other and everything fits together perfectly because everyone is pulling in the same direction. Top premise: To complete a project successfully so that the client achieves his project goals. Have a "permit to place vehicles on the market" (GIF) in hand and everyone is satisfied with the project execution.


This virtue can be found on several levels. In the professional career of the team members, in the successfully implemented projects and tasks, in their personal attitude towards the job, but also in their vision for the future. It is not about "just working" on a project, but about establishing a good working relationship with clients so that PJ Motion will be a relevant partner for future projects too. Being a reliable partner is a major concern for all four.


You only do well what you enjoy doing. The saying is old, but proven. And it absolutely applies to the four founders of PJ Motion GmbH. Dedication, commitment, drive, the desire to make progress, curiosity about new things, verve and enthusiasm for rail vehicles and the world of railways. All this is packed into the company name. And in every single customer project.


Accuracy and good planning are crucial in all railway projects. Sometimes, however, speed is also relevant. There are situations where you have to change what you have planned and simply change lanes. This requires flexibility and agility. Due to the company's structure, this is a simple matter for our four experts.

Many perspectives

Due to the different training, career paths and focuses, each project is viewed from many angles. Four different personalities enrich the technical world of rail vehicles with a wealth of perspectives.